Nice to meet you

¡Hola! We’re Mateo Goods.


Creating happier and healthier humans.

We’re on a mission to evolve the world, one workspace at a time. Because why shouldn’t the spaces we live and work in be as beautiful as they are functional? At Mateo Goods, we believe our workspace should be thoughtfully curated to be as practical as it is inspirational. Our environments elevate our work and our worth, creating happier and healthier humans and a more sustainable world.


Meet Mateo.

Our founder Matt Moore (or Mateo, as he’s more often called around here) has a passion for planting seeds and watching things grow. Hailing from a long line of farmers, Matt’s also an internationally shown artist with a background in architecture, an inspiring speaker, a father, and an all-around good human.

At Mateo Goods, we believe the seeds of good design are simple: aesthetic, quality and intention. When planted in good soil, watered with integrity and harvested with a little grit, what do you get? Art with purpose, where form and function come together.


Consciously crafted from the ground up.

We make desks you’ll actually want to sit (or stand) at, with business practices you can actually get behind. We put humans first in all we do, from our manufacturing practices down to how we treat our shop craftsmen. We also consider the Earth every step of the way, from our regenerative Baltic birch to our 100% compostable packaging.

Our vertically integrated production is 100% owned by us, giving us full control over our process, ethics, and quality. Ground-up manufacturing in Hermosillo, Mexico means zero hassles and less lead time for our customers, without complicated logistics, overseas shipping, or supply chain bottlenecks.